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Part 4 of the mini series design to chill you out any day of the week. Recorded at a friends house one morning in February 2018.

An hour of fresh house sounds. Recorded on a Saturday afternoon whilst polishing off a punnet of strawberries. Fre-shhh house, disco and deepness

Sail through an hour of dubbed out reggae rhythms from the past, the present and the future

Two and a half hours of music within the "Transitional Space", the space between the inner and outer worlds in which creativity exists and can develop. Good for dreaming away an afternoon, furiously studying or nodding off in the bath

NYE & disco go hand in hand for me. So I made 2nd instalment of my NYE Disco series to get you in the mood for celebrating

A song by someone from every country in the 2018 Russian World Cup. 32 Tracks/32 Countries/90 Minutes

78 is special, it's taken me several years to finally get round to putting these tracks together in a mix. African inspired house and dance music for the dancefloor. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it

No 77 is an hour of escapism. Drift away on a magical journey all from the comfort of your own home. Electronica with a 'worldy' edge. Relaxing vibes on this one.

No 76 features 76 minutes of kaotic harmonies. Dance floor and off dance floor grooves for late nights gatherings. The mix moves between house, techno/bass to the edge of DnB and back again. Hope you like it xx

#75 A nice chilled out hour of fairly eclectic viking approved music. Good to get stuff done to...

No 74 is full to the brim of 'Viking Dance Classics'. It's a festival friendly party starter kind of vibe with tunes which make me want to shut my eyes and dance. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do. Enjoy

Reggae for all occasions but mainly the hot ones. Heavily influenced by my daughters instinctive love of reggae. Enjoy

Seventytwo is a summer influenced eclectic trip taking in hip-hop, drum and bass, electronic excursions, laidback vibes and plenty more. One for watching the clouds float by on a sunny day

This is the show where I get my chat back (or did). It was recorded in 2015 and never saw the light of day until now. Enjoy

Mr Lewis vs RC Viking for part 3 in the 'World' music series

An eclectic trip of chilled out indie, electronica and laidback goodness, recorded back in 2015

2hrs of music for heavy heads and wide eyes. Designed for the after hours/back to mine crowd but equally good at any time of day. Recorded in 2015.

Recorded back in 2013 - this early morning mix is designed to bring you back to life on a sleepy morning. Enjoy

2+ hours of eclectic meandering from a chilled out start to and drum and bass finish with all sorts in between. Recorded back in 2014 this has been dug out of the Viking archives for your listening pleasure, I hope you enjoy it.

100% Pure UK Garage Classics to get you 'Thru The Night'. This one is a lighthearted trip down memory lane for all the garage heads. Inspired by the TV gold that is People Just Do Nothing and a request to play Garage at a wedding a year or so ago. Enjoy

80 minutes of upbeat goodness including house, disco and some dance floor stompers. Keep listening for a closing poem read by your humble Viking.

Designed to be "as ignorable as it is interesting", recommended for first thing in the morning or last thing at night but it can be played anytime you want a bit of peace. 3 hours of ambience.

For number 62 the first half of the mix is straight up soul from the archives with some rare gems in there you may not know. The second half picks up the tempo by taking you on a tour of Africa. Enjoy

Number 61 moves across genres, timeframes and styles, this laidback trip around the world takes in '6am' ambiance, Japanese Philosophy, electronic escapism, relaxing reggae and plenty more. It's sister mix is number 62. Check it out.

Number 60 is a laidback eclectic journey filled with electronica, indie, hip-hop, chilled beats, deep house and plenty more.

Part 3 of the mini series. Good for any day of the week...Just tunes to help you relax.

New Years Eve always makes me think of disco, not sure why but it does! This is my homage to the disco scene and to NYE. It starts slow and builds to a bangin' disco crescendo. Enjoy x

#57 Is a long overdue DnB special. The mix starts off with some some quick fire liquid stuff from Synkro/Break/Lenzman/Perez before Jeru the Damaja steps up to the mic around the 15 minute mark followed by DJ Marky, next up we have a couple of remixed house classics before taking it a little deeper and more bangin' with Ray Keith, Die and Shy Fx, the mix then goes into full on party mode with the holy trinity of Viking approved dance floor gold before finishing things off where it began with some ice cold liquidity. Enjoy

2hrs of dance not dance and dance not not not dance featuring assistance from Mr Lewis

Late night electronica released from the archives to help you off to be....

African/Turkish/Indian inspired oddities with plenty to catch the eye

Eclectic upbeat Viking music

House mix to dance, run and escape to

Deep House mix

Late night badness from the depths. Garage, dubstep, bass and general deepness.

Second in the new mini series, no fancy mixing. Just tunes to help you relax.

New mini series, no fancy mixing. Just tunes to help you relax.

No. 47 is a bit special for me. My good friend Mr Lewis has been hanging out off the coast of Africa for the last 6 months or so and it was a pleasure to welcome him back to Brighton. After a brief catch up we decided to go back to back in a world music special. Here is the result, an hour long trip around the world with a focus on Africa, you can expect to hear Highlife, Afrobeat, Soukous, Calypso, Psychelic Rock, Chimurenga and Brazilian Carimbo. The music is from Ghana, Congo, Zimbabwe, Trinidad, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Brazil and Peru. Art is by the contemporary Kenyan artist Dennis Muraguri. Enjoy

No 46. is a sunkissed mix for sombreros, sangria, siestas and sunsets. Dream filled escapades to help you forget the problems of the world and relax. It's designed with an Ibiza sunset in mind and can be enjoyed with a cocktail in hand or a towel over the head, you decide. Enjoy

Number 45 Meanders through the night, curving left and right with carefree abandon. Deep House, Disco, Minimal-ish stuff and general electronic goodness. It builds up to get you in the mood then takes you deeper down the rabbit hold

There's 24 countries in Euro 2016, there's 24 tunes in this mix. One from someone from every country. There's also a bit of Viking chatter and a selection of snippets from great football matches of the past

No.43 is another laidback and eclectic journey full of widely spaced pleasures. With tracks from Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Fat Freddy's Drop, Talk Talk and plenty more x

No.42 is a 90 minute trip down 'memory lane'. Hip-Hop classics from the archives featuring some of the favourite tunes from my youth that have stood the test of time. 

No. 41 is like a cup of tea, designed to calm you down and revitalise you for life, the mix builds throughout with each track given time to breath x

To celebrate 2 years and 40 shows of RC Viking Radio I wanted to do something a bit special. So i've expanded my repotoire and created a 73 minute video mix which has taken the best part of 3 months and lots of late nights to complete. The audio was recorded at home on the CDJs with the video and audio samples added in (very slowly) afterwards. It's a deeeeep house slow burner containing video samples from a range of cinematographers with space and humanity featuring heavily. I’ve tried to put a positive message across and I hope that comes though, many of the samples you may recognise from previous mixes, now you can see their faces. A massive thank you to all the contributors. Enjoy x


No. 39 has been brewing for a while. A laid back journey through downtempo grooves, psychedelic ballads, dubby edits and electronica with a bit of soul and a hint of hip-hop. Music to while away an afternoon to. Nothing complicated, just relaxing music served up by a Rosy Cheeked Viking. No chatter, just music. Enjoy x

The number 38 rollercoaster starts with a few dreamy numbers by Alice Boman, Bastien Keb, Kyson (who’s channelling Bon Iver) and Matthew Halsall featuring a couple of samples from the genius Peter Sellars (not the actor). We then start moving through the gears with Rhye, Jack J, Coma and Maribou State bringing the chilled house vibe. Next we have a curveball courtesy of Swindail remixing a classic followed by Young Marco, Soul Clap, Daft Punk and Krankbrother getting you dancing in the living room. The mix then enters it’s finale with an epic Four Tet remix of Chvrches followed by Roy Davis Jr, Machine Drum and The Pharcyde before the closing segment featuring Harvey Mandel, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Paul Simon. As usual I’ve added a few choice words from people more articulate than me to keep you amused. Art by Indonesian artist Jati Putra Pratama. Enjoy

This is a 3 hr daytime session recorded live in early October up on the old BBC Television Studio's (STOREYS). Featuring Mr Lewis and your resident viking. We're keeping it laidback so should be great for some home listening too. This is the follow up to #35 & #36 so check them out too.

PART 2 of a live recording from the best roof in London (Storeys) on 12th Sept 2015. RC Viking, Mr Lewis & Slow Down Go Further go Back2Back2Back. This section is as eclectic as part 1 but moves through the gears a little more. All still early doors though so it should be the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon in the sun.

Recorded live on the best roof in London (Storeys) on 12th Sept 2015. RC Viking, Mr Lewis & Slow Down Go Further go Back2Back2Back. Part 1 is all about the early afternoon, LDN in the sun with a laidback soundtrack. Part 2 to follow shortly. We are still working on a comprehensive tracklisting but if you need a track ID in the meantime let me know and i'll get back to you. Tell the world x

No. 34 is an eclectic trip featuring: indie-ish tracks from the Villagers, Angus & Julia Stone, Erlend Oye. Hip-Hop beats from Biggy Smalls, Tim Deluxe (thanks Tom), Pete Rock and Detroit Swindle editing a Dj Harvey favourite. Next up we venture around the globe with Bison, Len Leise and the brilliant Me & My Friends. There's a 'daytime disco' edit of Neil Young before Bonobo gives George Fitzgerald epic 'Full Circle' track his unique touch. The mix picks up next with Fourtet's 'Percussions' alias bringing some serious vibes before we head to an African dance floor with O'Flynn and Ajukaja with the instant classic Benga Benga. Disco's up next with a viking twist courtesy of Norway's Olav Brekke Mathisen followed by Midnight Magic and the brilliant Letta Mbulu track 'Juju'. The mix draws to a close with some 'Double Dutch', Chemise and the epic Hudson Mohawke track Ryderz. 


No.33 was recorded live between 8.30 to 11pm at the Market House in Brixton on 1st August 2015. The focus is on the early part of the night where you get to play a few more slows jams and build the crowd. Your resident Viking starts things for the first 45 minutes before handing things over to Mr Eve who takes us on a disco/house journey with some sublime cuts, finally the mix takes an upward curve for the last hour in the capable hands of Mr Lewis who eases even the most discerning onto the dance floor. This is essential listening for either the after-hours or as a prelude to any night out. Thanks to Mr Lewis and Mr Eve for agreeing to put this out on RC Viking Radio, it really is a real honour.

No.32 is designed to be played when you want complete relaxation. It's a little something to nod off to but if you stay awake you're in for a treat. I have spent the best part of a month putting this together and it's just under 5 hours of sleepy vibes with some real moments of beauty. Recommended for first thing in the morning or last thing at night but it can be played anytime you want a bit of peace. There's no Viking chatter, just a beatless exploration of inner and outer space. Enjoy!

No.31 lulls you in slowly, calms you down and makes you ready for the weekend. The mix starts off with some chilled selections from the like of Jamie xx, Villagers and Mathew Herbert before warming your heart with some low key house from Private Agenda, Henrik Schwarz and Crazy P. We build quicker next with tunes I’d happily play in the club or at home including Solomun and Adesse Versions. The mix climaxes with some Afro disco vibes including a special balearic edit in homage to New York’s seemingly epic Mangiami restaurant.

No.30 is a follow on from No.15, this is a light hearted tropical beats special, designed for summer BBQ's and suchlike. We end up with a kind of tropical DnB but there's plenty of hip-hip, jazz and latin flavours to get you in the mood first. Enjoy

No 29 is an eclectic journey to drift away to. I've tried to squeeze in as much of my favourite new music as possible including a couple of my own edits. I've kept my talking to a minimum but instead there are some choice words from the likes of Alan Watts, John Legend and Barack Obama. The title of the mix is inspired by the Taoist philosopher Chuang Chou's 'dream of a butterfly':

"Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man". The dream has been interpreted in many ways in the 2000+ years it's been discussed but I like this interpretation: "By connecting himself with the butterfly, Chuang is pointing out that all living things are united by the life force within them. The drive to survive and thrive in us is the very same drive that also exists in everything from the largest creatures to the smallest insects. When we recognize this, we can begin to see ourselves as part of nature rather than apart from nature."

No 28 is a laid back affair with sprinkles of the sun. The mix starts out with 2 of my favourite tunes of the moment followed by a 'hot' Marvin Gaye edit by LNTG, A Vision of Panorama get the remix treatment courtesy of Andras Fox followed by an Etta James classic, we then veer off with some reggae vibes including 2 tracks with the same legendary riddim. Next up we have Timmy Thomas, Janet Jackson and Romare where we enter the electronica period before turning to some oldies but goodies with Sly and the Family Stone followed by Trini Lopez. The mix approaches a close with 2 original samples, 1st up we have the Rolling Stones cover by The Andrew Oldham Orchestra which went on to give the Verve their big hit Bitter Sweet Symphony and led to a long legal controversy, next we have a Andhim sampled Aretha Franklin song for which was used for their hit 'Hausch' which has been played on the show before and is a regular in my club sets. Finally we have some Franch magic courtesy of Jacques Brel (thanks Rhys) to bring the mix to a close x

No.27 is an electronic exploration which moves between tripped out grooves, off dance floor bangers and other various forms of what I call chilled dance. The show barely contains a word from me but I have supplemented it instead with some choice words by some people far more eloquent that me including David Attenborough, Joseph Campbell, Moodymann and B.J Hunt. The mix closes with 15 minutes of ambient goodness.

No. 26 is a hommage to music that I have fallen in love with over the last few years. A calypso special. This music originates in the Caribbean but was brought over to the UK from the 1940's. I love the clever lyrics, the historical references and brilliant musicianship but the overwhelmingly positive and light hearted vibe is what keeps me coming back time and again. Many of these songs come from a series of compilations put out by Honest Johns records, without them I wouldn't know this music but it also recently featured on the brilliant adaptation of the children's story Paddington Bear which showed London in the same era as much of this music was written in. I hope this mix helps you enjoy this music as much as I do. Thanks

No.25 is a chilled out "Indie Special" featuring some of my favourite laid back indie music from recent years. It's very low key and void of the normal DJ shenanigans, just music to relax to. Read a book, do the washing up, have a bath. Reeeelaaaaxxxxx. Artwork is by Miki Takahashi

No.24 starts with a wintery blend of electronic soul and hip-hop before moving steadily up into leftfield house all blended by a your resident Viking. These are the tunes that have been bringing joy into my life in 2015. I hope you find something you like too. Artwork is a still shot from a brilliant animation by Miwa Matreyek called Glorious Visions

No.23 is 100 minutes looooong. There's minimal chatter and is full to the brim of the usual eclectic blend of Indie, Hip-Hop, Soul, Disco, House, Edits, New Bangers and Lost Classics. The show starts off with a short story with some slow tunes in the background before moving into a few lovely edits of well known songs, about 30 mins in we take a turn to the left with some hip-hop and soul including a little homage to the avalanches before turning to the mellower end of the house spectrum towards the end where the show closes with a couple of laid back oddities. I hope you enjoy the show. Artwork is by the brilliant African artist Athi Patra Ruga 

I've been meaning to make a 'house music special' for a while so when the people behind Slope-Off Festival asked me to do a promo mix for their exciting new project out in Samoens (France) I decided to bring out the big guns and make it a full scale "Houseplay vs Slope-Off" promo special. I've selected some of my favourite tracks from the last year or so, so there should be something you recognise. If you like what you hear then get yourself over to to the Alps in April for one hell of a party in the mountains or come along to the next Houseplay in Brixton in March.

No.21 is another eclectic journey which climbs steadily throughout, there's the usual assortment of hip-hop, house, disco, indie and a few random gems thrown into the mix. I barely say a word but the mix does have a few bits and pieces thrown in over the top of the music to keep you on your toes. I hope you enjoy it x

No.20 is an introspective winter warmer which has plenty of surprises up it's sleeve, be it a Denzel Washington speech or the latest jam from Leonard Cohen. There's some hip-hop and house thrown into the mix but it mainly centres around indie, electronica and lo-fi beats. 
Artwork is by London-based artist Jess Linton.

No.19 is full of not so guilty pleasures, it's an upbeat hour of warm-up disco infused beats to help you strip off the shackles of winter and put a smile on your face. Featuring tracks and edits from Dolly Parton, Paul Simon, Odyssey, Hall & Oats, Kon, The Idjut Boys, The Beatconductor, Late Nite Tuff Guy and plenty more. The artwork is by Sigmar Polke who has an exhibition at the Tate Modern until Feb 2015.

No.18 Is a feast of music with minimal chatter. With tracks from Andrew Ashong. Q-Tip, Damon Albarn, Devendra Banhart, the Charmels and a lost gem from Connie Converse. It starts slow but moves into bass/house/disco about 30 mins in before I slow it back down only to finish with some DnB.

No. 17 includes 20 tracks from all over the spectrum. Featuring noises from Peter Sarstedt, Shirley Bassey, Hiatus Kaiyote, Johnny Flynn, Devendra Banhart, HNNY, Floating Points, Caribou, Fatima, Four Tet, Leon Vynehall, Kings of Convenience, Tunji Oyelana, Bob Marley and lots more. 

No. 16 is an hour of eclectic music ranging from hip-hop and soul to house and indie featuring Kate Bush, Outboxx, Andres, Alt-J, John Wizards, The Jackson Sisters, Jungle, Darondo, Little Ann and plenty more.

The summer has got a hold of me so here's an hour of Tropical & Latin influenced beats and grooves to get you in the mood for a BBQ or a bank holiday weekend. 

This really is a radio special. It was recorded especially for my wedding ceremony (while the guests arrived), therefore there's none of my usual radio chatter. Just straight up song's about love which have touched my heart and say things I only dream of. Maybe someone might find it useful for something similar. I'm away for a month now so usual service will be resumed in September. I hope you enjoy it. x

No. 13. Downtempo sleepy electronica. Inspired by hangover's and Edgar Allan Poe "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream". Picture by Boris Mikhailov (again). 

No. 12's a slow burner. Not a party starter. Do the ironing, go for a jog, do some dusting, hatch a plan. Enjoy x 

There are 32 countries in the World Cup. For some reason I've decided to play a song from every one of them. I've made it 90 minutes long. Now that's football x 

Number 10 is extra long and extra special featuring just under an hour of my main man Mr Lewis who popped in to play us some of the most beautiful music i've heard in a long time, laid back beauties that can be played any time of the day. All supported with your usual Viking selections of hip-hop, soul, 'world', house, disco and party classics x 

No 9 is a laid-back journey through experimental electronica, hip-hop, indie, house, soul and other random gems.

No. 8.0. Eclectic house filled chilled electronica love in, designed to cook dinner, drink wine and enjoy life to. Picture by Boris Mikhailov.

This is a special 'world music' edition of the show. Featuring music from Haiti, Kenya, India, Britain, Brazil, Japan, Nigeria, Trinidad, Ghana and South Africa. Featuring 3 kinds of Viking. A little bit different this week, I hope you like it x 

This is no.6 in the series. A chilled out trip down the Viking memory lane. Laid back vibes from the past, present and future.

Number 5 in the series. Coming in at just over an hour. Plenty of stuff in here for everyone. Electronica, dusty old soul, deep house and a little history lesson to start with.

Number 4 in the series, and it's an extra long one clocking in at 1hr 40 mins. Recorded off air. There's lots music from all over the world from Calypso to Afro-beat, Cuba to Brazil along with a selection of House, Disco and Hip-Hop.

Part 3 in the series of RC Viking Radio and the first live show. This is an extended 1.5 hrs and goes through a selection of house, disco, soul, 'world' beats and hip-hop.

Part 2 in the series contains an 1hr of hip-hop, house, old soul and chilled out beats. It starts quite housey then slows down.

The original radio show. 1 hr of eclectic rarities, random oddities, dance-floor fillers and ambient escapism. 

This 1hr long radio show (hosted by The Jolly Ramble guys) was in many ways the pre-cursor to my own radio show. It was broadcast in 2011 and contains 3 or 4 short mixes I made for the show.